Mark Antony's funeral speechMark Antony’s Funeral Speech

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Mark Antony’s Funeral Speech In Shakespeare’s, Julius Caesar, Brutus leads a team of men to conspire and kill the ruler of Rome, Julius Caesar. Mark Antony, a loyal friend to Caesar, is given the opportunity to speak at Caesars funeral as long as he abides by Brutus’ rules of not blaming him and the other conspirators, to speak only good of Caesar, and to speak in the same pulpit where Brutus went with …

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…and Caesar. One citizen even responds to Antony by claiming, “we’ll burn the house of Brutus”. Another citizen even responds, “most noble Caesar, we’ll revenge his death”. The Roman citizens hitherto, rallying to revenge Caesars death were in fact celebrating that very death. The tables have turned to favor Antony and all with one speech did he turn the entire crowd against Brutus and the Conspirators. Antony is truly a master of manipulation.