Marijuana effects of marijuana an dwhat they could do

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Marijuana, other wise known as "pot", "grass", "weed", "reefer", "hash", "tree's", "ace", "cannabis", "joint" "J", "boo" and "Colombian". There are even more names for this distinct drug that people use for it also. These terms all coincide wit the major issue, marijuana. Most people think that smoking marijuana is not as bad for you as smoking a cigarette. This is not exactly true. Marijuana has many long term and short term effects. Marijuana has many …

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…goes straight to your brain the drug doesn't ussually leave you system for three to four weeks after its been smoked or used. Since the THC stays in your system for that amount of time tehn even days after you have smoked or used it some people will still end up having flash backs of when they were hallucionating and hallucinate again and end up getting into a car accident or some other accident (Hyde 1986)