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Marie Antoinette Now a day there is a tendency to overlook small factors in history that may seem silly, trivial, or irrational. However, often these factors have great influences over people and need to be observed. Marie Antoinette and her involvement in the French revolution are a perfect example. The revolution was undoubtedly caused by the growing discontent of the French population towards the abuses of the upper class. However, no revolution could succeed without …

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…women, unnatural and inhuman. Marie Antoinette was hopelessly unprepared for the kind of criticism to which she opened herself by redesigning the royal identity. The maligning of her and the French throne did not cease. As she made her way to the guillotine in 1793, the crowd cheered. They cheered for the death of the "Austrian Whore" and "Madame Deficit". These nicknames, however, were mere scapegoats. The people were cheering for the end of the monarchy.