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History Essay Q-How far did Mao Tse-tung solve the political, economic and social problems that faced him? Mao was faced with a variety of problems. Firstly her had to deal with the aftermath of the Kuomintang. He tried to maintain peace and unity, and he also realised this could only be achieved by a strong central government. The communist party provided this for the first time in China in the twentieth century. They laid emphasis …

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…the minorities within his nation. The constitution of 1954 offered freedom of the minorities but this was not always the case, this tolerance was not always respected as in the case with Tibet. Mao was an incredibly successful leader, his career hit its peak in the mid fifties and then continued on a downward spiral after 1958. He had his successes but nearing the end of his career they began to become overshadowed his failures. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**