Mans Inhumanity to Man

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Mans Inhumanity to Man Miss Cambell lived alone in her pokey one-bedroomed appartment on the bottom of 23rd Street. She was an introvert and always had been. She never went out after work and her life seemed to be one long routine. One thing that Miss Cambell loved to do was plan dinner parties. She would make up imaginery invitation lists, construct a lavish menu and prepare a concise shopping list to go with the …

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…plump, and so the scratching continued. One evening, when the pharmacist called for dinner Miss Cambell just hadn't any parmesan chees for him. She told him that she was feeling too weak to scratch anymore and in a temper he lashed out and hit miss Cambell. A heap of bones fell to the floor, never to produce parmesan cheese in this life again. The pharmacist went home wonderin what he would make for his dinner.