Manipulation Of the Truth by the Powerful

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Our awareness and understanding of the world's occurrences is reliant upon the media, including television, radio, newspaper and the internet. This media is owned and organised by some of the world's most wealthy and powerful people. This means that our perception of the truth is governed by those who control the media. In this way, the world's access to the truth may be hindered by the powerful, should they chose to manipulate or distort the …

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…The phrase "A young woman in the bank said to me yesterday: "I've stopped listening to any of the war news. It's all just propaganda."" shows that even 'common' people can see that the media and government are controlling the truth. The public's opinion may be that "It's on TV so it must be true", but for the misrepresentation and distortion of the truth to stop, the public must become aware of what goes on.