Manipulating Nature By JumboMoos Discusses futile human attempt to control nature is. Uses "Prodigal Summer" as support.

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Manipulating Nature Ever since man took his first step onto the Mother Earth, he has been trying to force her to obey his rules. This is a major theme in the book Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver. As humans, we think we are of higher intelligence and therefor we have the right to control whatever we see fit. Humanity does not realize that the natural community has rules it cannot change, thus humans create their …

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…control but "Nature doesn't give a hoot" (86). Despite our claim to authority, humans can only succeed when obeying the laws on Nature. Humans are only a species of natural communities, not a master of them. Creating laws in an attempt to control nature is foolish because nature has its own rules that control what humans do; we just need to realize that we are not apart from the natural community, but a part of it.