Management in the Near Future. 767 words. Focuses on importance of leaders, employees, and functions of management in the workplace.

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Management in the Near Future As the business world continues to adapt and change almost on a daily basis, an organization must stay ahead of the game to be successful. Management and leaders alike continue to have challenges stand in their way of managing in the future because of these constant changes. Carlos Taborda states, "The leader's role has changed to become more complex and even more critical to success." (2000). These managers must work hard …

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…They each possess different styles of working and managing. Because of the ever changing business world, it is a constant challenge for these businesses to conform to the changes to stay successful in the future. References Dessler, G. (2001). Management: Leading people and organizations in the 21st century (2nd ed.) Prentice Hall: Upper Saddle River, NJ. Taborda, C. G. (2000, October). Leadership, teamwork, and empowerment: future management trends. Cost Engineering 42 (10). [Proquest]. Available: (2002, December 6).