Malicious Mother Syndrome

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Malicious Mother Syndrome Malicious Mother Syndrome has been recognized as a national problem. This syndrome effects as many as six million children nationally. Cases of Malicious Mother Syndrome involve visitation interference accompanied by vicious behavior, such as violence and violations of the law that are acted out against the father. (Arditti 1992) reports that approximately 50% of divorced fathers report that their ex-wife has directly interfered with visitation with their children. Approximately 40% of custodial mothers admit denying …

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…with them. The court system needs to punish these mothers. The children are not benefiting from watching the mothers destroy the fathers attempts to have a healthy relationship with them. The mothers need to know that it is not acceptable in this country, even if this means imprisonment and fines. The child is better off with the parent who does not impose judgement against the people they children have a right to love. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**