Main contributing factors for the success of Hong Kong in attracting and sustaining new start companies.

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INTRODUCTION Organisations have a perfect 'habitat' where they will flourish and environments in which they will fail . Business type, potential customers and resources will limit the choice of suitable location . Success lies in identifying which location falls under which category. "Choosing the right location can be one of the most important business decisions that you will make" . Hall stresses location importance when searching for creativity and innovation. He describes creativity as a 'knock on effect', …

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…road to Kowloon, good transportation links, 98% full. Tseung Kwon; 3km south-east of a new town, close to a mass transit railway to be completed this year, features 1000m of waterfront berthing facilities. APPENDIX 17 Hong Kong: Country Risk Summary : Country Risk Rating B (A - least risky, E - most risky) Country Risk Score 23 (100 - most risky) Hong Kong: Business Environment Ranking Summary Value of Index8.50 (10 - maximum) Global Rank9 (out of 60) Regional Rank1 (out of 16)