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The Mafia, a well-known crime organization, is still prevalent in society today. In the past five years the Sicilian Mafia has taken some heavy hits, with the murders of two leading prosecutors in Mafia-related trials (Coming back). The prosecutors were Giovanni Falcone ( see picture), and Paulo Borsellino. Their successors have managed to put behind bars their murderers and an entire Mafia “cupola” ( Coming Back). So what exactly is the Mafia? And where did it originate? …

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…is the selling of drugs and murder. I believe that gambling is harmless and they shouldn’t be punished for that, but killing and selling drugs are different. Murder explains itself, and drugs can hurt people, their families and children. Also I think children raised in the Mafia will grow to be Mafia involved as Italians have strong values of heritage, and if this continues the Mafia may always be in society throughout the future.