Madness in Macbeth and Hamlet

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Have we all gone mad? Did you ever ask yourself, have we all gone mad? It seems that in our time confusion, disorder, and madness seem to reign chaotically throughout the world. Then, we seem to look at ourselves and wonder, who really is mad? The people around us are so diverse that we sometimes forget what normal is and we falsely accuse others of being insane. The presence of madness is also a very …

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…insanity is considered beyond Macbeth's. As the doctor states, "This disease is beyond my practice;" (M5.1.49) In Hamlet, the insanity is better balanced between Hamlet and Ophilia. However, it seems that Hamlet's insanity is much more severe than Ophilia because it lasts longer and he deliberates about his problems more. Just because Ophilia solves her problem faster does not mean that her madness is more severe, it is that she can not deal with it.