Macular degeneration.

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Age related Macular degeneration, or AMD is an insidious, silent, progressive, degenerative slayer of sight. It is a disease that effects many elderly people above the age of 65. While AMD does not cause total blindness it does, however rob people of their ability to see all but peripherally. In order to understand AMD, first, we have to understand the physiology of the eye. The eye consists of two lenses. The frontal lens, the cornea, is …

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…the central vision area. This disease has no possible cure available yet. Blurring, blotches, blank spots and distortions are all symptoms of both wet and dry forms of Macular Degeneration. As Age- Related Macular Degeneration occurs in 13 million people, it murders the sight of 70% of those with this horrifying disease. Dry and wet AMD is growing faster and faster throughout the population of the aged, as this soon will effect more Americans than ever before.