Mack's fear of conscience

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Macbeth's Fear of Conscience Fear, no one likes it, and yet, it still exists among the human race. As a feeling engendered deep within a mind, fear strongly motivates someone to escape from his source terror. In William Shakespeare's Macbeth, Macbeth's deep fear of his own conscience leaves him with an empty soul at the end of the play and reflects the power of fear on one's mind. Macbeth's terror disturbed mind causes him to …

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…demolish his own conscience. Macbeth demonstrates that fear, especially fear of one's conscience, is the most destructive feeling to human mind. Fear wraps it's claws around us until we finally break down and drive our conscience away in attempt to escape from it. However, at the same time that we escape fear, a monster without morality is created. There is nothing worse in the world than to shut off all emotions and become hallow inside.