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Machiavelli The works and views of Nicoló Machiavelli (1469-1527) have been extensively analyzed since he first introduced them. Indeed, Machiavelli’s influence on politics has been so great that he is accredited with having influenced major historical figures who were never even acquainted with his works. One of his works, The Prince, is probably second only to the Bible as being one of the most debated texts in world history. Machiavelli is revered as having …

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…positive development of the Nation-State/Republic. His science, like all sciences, can be used to destroy civilization rather than to aid its growth in its painstaking development. All in all, Machiavelli’s morality is subjective to the reader. A reader may get a true sense of Machiavelli “the man” by reading all of his works, (Il Principe, Arte della guerra, Mandragola, Istorie Fiorentine, I Discorsi, and Del Modo di trattare I Popoli della Valdichiana Ribellata).