Macbeth deserves no pity

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The tragedy of Macbeth tells of how a noble and respected man, turned into a tyrant by ambition and greed. There were outside influences which contributed to this transformation such as the prophecies told by the witches, and lady Macbeth. However Macbeth deserves no pity as it was he who decided upon the actions he took, which left many innocent people dead including himself. Macbeth chose his fate when he had it all. He had …

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…of how a good hearted man chose the wrong path. It must be remembered that even though Macbeth and the witches contributed to Macbeth’s tragedy, Macbeth is ultimately responsible for the actions he took. Macbeth should receive no sympathy, for he had it all, honour, friends, loyalty, and gave it all up for one chance at glory. Macbeth did get his glory, but in the process lost everything that meant something in his life.