Macbeth, by William Shakespeare

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In the play 'Macbeth" by William Shakespeare, light and dark was used to symbolise good and evil. In the beggining of the play Macbeth was a brave and loyal soilder who served his king well."signs of nobleness like stars will be rewarded"this is highly ironic that king Duncan starts this simile as later on in the play when Macbeth plots to kill King Duncan, Macbeth forces light out from hhis life."Stars hide …

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…do during the day."come thick night and pull me in the dunnest smoke of hell." This too, is reflective of the issue of light and dark.This is reinforcing that light and dark was a constant aspect in "macbeth" to show good and evil. Thought this I as a reader have learnt that it is important to keep to the good side of life as the result of being evil can destroy your life.