Macbeth and its design for King James' approval

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KING JAMES OF GREAT BRITAIN (And the design of Macbeth for his approval.) The late 16th century was a time of massive change for England, as old traditions were being discarded and new concepts discovered; in science, commerce, religion, technology – and perhaps most prominently, the arts. In 1603, Queen Elizabeth I, the major instigator of this change, died. James I, who until then had reigned Scotland for 36 years as James VI, succeeded the throne; combining the …

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…the “Divine Right of Kings” and the “Great Chain of Being” are left settled - Macbeth, the violator of Natural Order, dead; and the rightful king Malcolm finishing on the throne. Once brought to attention, the inclusions of these several elements into the play are quite obvious in their intent. In the end, they were clearly successful – King James enjoyed the play so much, he even wrote Shakespeare a letter of acclamation following the experience.