Macbeth Evil on Earth Can it destroy your life

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EVIL ON EARTH: CAN IT DESTROY YOUR LIFE? Ambition and power come together hand by hand. A good example of this is the tragic play "Macbeth", written by the best playwright of all: William Shakespeare. Even though Shakespeare lived in the 15th century, his play is situated in the 11th century and it is a historical event that took place in Scotland. In the tragic play "Macbeth", Shakespeare, uses 3 central elements that influence in the …

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…to be of plain fantasy, like on Macbeth. Witches are not as Shakespeare explains them to us. In our days, evil is represented in different forms. Witches do not exist, evil does. People that think that power is the first thing on Earth, tend to be ambitious and by consequence, evil. Evil does no good to anyone, it just rotten a man's life by changing his personality from a positive way into a negative one.