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Having submitted to his ambition to gain the Crown by whatever means, Macbeth murders Duncan, a guest in his castle, and thus relentlessly commits him to a career of Evil that leads him to ruin. He can never turn back and seek redemption. Once set upon his course, he moves from one act of violence to another in an effort to protect himself from inevitable disaster. Fear and hatred provoke him to plot the murder …

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…the end of the play he receives news of Lady Macbeth's death. Numb with accumulated horrors, he no longer feels any great emotion, even at the death of his wife who had been his strength, he merely thinks bitterly that she could have chosen some more convenient time, "She should have died hereafter" 177. For Macbeth the world has turned to ashes and he pours out his disillusionment in his "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow" 177 speech.