Macbeth 12

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Banquo’s warning to Macbeth was one of great wisdom. It reflected his rationalism, when the situation could have over-excited a lesser man. Unfortunately, the evil that was embedded in witches’ words was cloaked by their accordance with Macbeth’s innate desires. His becoming Thane of Cawdor, as the witches said, served as a collateral for belief, and hence Banquo’s warning fell on ears of dismissal to all but words of imperial progression. However …

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…darkness had played their horrific song to perfection. So many men, women and children lay murdered at the hands of their latest subject; whose misguided brain no longer had a body to perform its bloody operations. Banquo’s warning had borne out in its entirety, Though left as just words, it was destined for vanity; It will echo forever, in the names of the perished, For when they lived, heard it Macbeth, King, of tragedy.