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MacBeth Everyone who is mortal has at least one flaw. Some are more serious than others. For example, some people have addictions to gambling, while other people can't remember to put the milk away after they use it. Sooner or later a person's imperfections will come back to haunt them. In the tragedy MacBeth, this premise comes to life. In the play of McBeth, many of the main characters pass away. The reason the characters …

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…knowledge he had. Lady MacBeth helped plot the murder of Duncan. MacBeth, destroyed the natural order and harmony of nature. But, not all of the characters that died deserved to die because of their flaws. Duncan shouldn't have been punished for trusting someone, and Banquo would have said something, but was waiting for the right time or some physical evidence. But, if MacBeth hadn't been so ambitious, none of the problems that occurred would have.