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In the play Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, Macbeth was an ambitious Scottish noble who was transformed into a treacherous tyrant through the influence of three main sources. The first and most important influence on Macbeth, were the witches. They equivocated with him to damn his soul. Another important influence was Lady Macbeth. She was able to control him by questioning his manliness. The final thing that influenced Macbeth was his ambition. His desire to be …

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…However, of the three, the witches wielded the most influence over Macbeth. By the end of the play, Macbeth had put all his trust in the witches’ apparitions. Also, had it not been for the witches’ initial predictions, Macbeth would probably not of thought about trying to take the throne in the first place. Thus, through their equivocation, the witches were able to control Macbeth the most, and lead him to a fate of damnation.