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In Elizabethan times, witches were a natural part of life. Macbeth witnessed this, as seen in the play Macbeth, by William Shakespeare. The evil forces that the weird sisters, who were witches, possessed, put Macbeth's mind in another direction. This direction was the beginning of his moral downfall and the destruction of his destiny. The weird sisters warned Macbeth of this in the three apparitions but he continued living his life without realizing that they …

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…and power affected Macbeth's moral downfall by giving him reason to kill, which eventually killed him. The sisters knew about the three apparitions, and that they were about Macbeth. Also that Macduff was not born of a woman. Macbeth's destiny was observed early in the play, but only to the audience, when the apparitions told him of their prophecies. By the time Macbeth realized what was happening, it was too late and he was beheaded.