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Like so many of Shakespeare's plays, Macbeth is also a tragedy. There are many events in the play, which prove this. They are the murders of many innocent people. Three such murders are the murder of the king Duncan, and the murder of Banquo, which was ordered by Macbeth, and the murder Macduff's wife and son. These events are what make Shakespeare's, Macbeth a true tragedy. The murder of Duncan, the king of Scotland, was …

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…great tragedy, because of many innocent deaths. They include a king who loved his kingdom and his kingdom loved him back. One of his army generals who knew who the king's murderer was. The family of a man who suspected Macbeth of being Duncan's murderer, The fact that makes this play such a big tragedy is the fact that a person who was killed didn't even know the reason for which he was being killed.