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One thing leads to another. This is a statement most people are familiar with, especially if they read William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. It tells what happens to the tragic protagonist, Macbeth. At the start of the play, Macbeth is a highly praised and loyal nobleman admired by all until he becomes a victim of the witches. Their promises evoke his unrestrained ambition. From then on, Macbeth’s actions snowball out of his control and under …

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…before the witches first encounter with Macbeth, they have planned out every move needed to lead Macbeth to catastrophe. They drive Macbeth into evil by appealing to his ambition. From then on they have control over his actions. Their plot includes prophecies, hallucinations, nightmares, ghost appearances, and apparitions. These inventions of the sorceresses invade Macbeth sensible state of mind. Therefore, they largely contribute to Macbeth’s ingression into corruption and his continuous progression towards decline.