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Imagery, irony, and contradiction hold much importance to successful writing. Shakespeare, an incredibly skilled writer, used these to write a play titled Macbeth. In this play imagery, irony, and contradiction help to explain the themes of the play. One of the most important themes is betrayal. Betrayal is shown often in the play through imagery, irony, and contradiction. In the first act the theme betrayal has already becoming evident. There is a want for power …

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…object or feeling, it can be shown through these three affective writing tools, imagery, irony, and contradiction. Shakespeare, a skilled writer successfully used these to support his theme Betrayal by spreading them throughout the play and creating a more realistic scene for the reader. By using these the reader can relate to the theme without realizing they are. Imagery, contradiction, and irony play three very important roles in representing the theme of the play, betrayal.