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MICHAEL JORDAN: A MARKETER'S DREAM by Celeste Michaels Michael Jordan's retirement from the NBA came as a shock to the entire sports world. After winning an unprecedented third straight NBA title the man who many people touted as the greatest to ever play the game, not to mention king of all endorsements, retired stating that he had accomplished everything and had nothing left to prove. With the NBA no longer having a marquee player, ratings …

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…new number, forty-five, which showed how controlling he truly was. Most of his admirers were forced to purchase the new number in order to be just like him. Jordan is the most famous player in the history of sports and along with this, comes his popularity with the public, which in turn allows him to control the market in his most suitable fashion. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** WORKS CITED Sporting Goods Business. April 1995. p.10. Time. April 3, 1995. p. 18.