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Roger Vane was also apprehended, but not in so ferocious a manner. Vane was shipwrecked and picked up by a vessel whose crew knew nothing of his exploits. That ship in turn was met by a British frigate whose captain, upon spotting the infamous Vane, arrested him posthaste. Taken to Kingston, Jamaica, Vane was tried, convicted and hanged for piracy. Nor did any of the other eight pirates escape the determined Governor Rogers. They were …

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…from unscrupulous islanders swinging lanterns at night off the treacherous sandbars and reefs. This lucrative industry did not stop until the first lighthouse was built in 1836. The waters off these islands are said to be the final resting place for nearly 500 Spanish galleons in their seabeds. Divers in the waters off the coasts of Bimini and Grand Bahama Island can also view the wrecks of numerous galleons and pirate ships. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** euihgfauihfi, ihkf 1999 july 12