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The drug I am discussing is Marijuana. Marijuana is an illegal drug that comes from the dried flowers and leaves of Cannibis Sativa. Marijuana is a green plant with 5 or more leaves. People use Marijuana because it makes them feel good about themselves and they just want to get high. Other names used for Marijuana are grass, pot, dope, weed and yarndi plus many more names. Marijuana is usually smoked in joints (a cigarette) or …

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…performance, can cause you to have more accidents, difficulties with relationships both family and friends, problems with the law and emotional disorders such as depression. Marijuana smoking contains more cancer -causing agents than tobacco smoking. Mixing Marijuana with tobacco can result in nicotine addiction. It is safer to use joints then bongs because bongs increases lungs getting more tat and other toxins and it is also safer not to mix drugs and alcohol with Marijuana.