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Lysistrata is a play written in 411 BC by Aristophanes. At that time in Greek history, the city-states were constantly warring with one another. Consequently, the women were left at home. One woman, Lysistrata, was so fed up with the fighting that she called all of the women of Greece to a meeting. When they finally showed up, Lysistrata presented her plan for peace: no sex until the wars ceased. She eventually convinced all of the …

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…story and also to spur his countrymen to resolve their differences for the sake of Greece and Greek life. We now know that they did not heed Aristophanes warnings. The Golden Age of Greece did come to an end, mostly because of the extreme pride and arrogance of the individual city-states. Aristophanes did his best to convince them, but such is the sage advice: it often goes unheeded, much to the dismay of all concerned.