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Philosophy is a study that tries to define and explain how people in a community should live wisely. In his “Life of Lycurgus”, Plutarch wrote “…Lycurgus produced an inimitable constitution,… showing… the spectacle of an entire city acting like philosophers…” (Readings, p.185). Unlike other philosophers, Lycurgus’ ideas were practical; his laws didn’t just describe the proper way of living, but also put it to work. Using his constitution, Spartans became harmonious, developed feelings of …

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…of the groups, others “looked…for orders, obeyed his commands, and endured his punishments, so that even in childhood they learned to obey” (Readings, p.182). One of the things the future warriors were taught was how to steal successfully which would increase their skill in being cunning and sneaky. The young men were fed very little and if one attempted to steal something to eat, yet was unsuccessful, he was beaten up and starved even