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The construction of the RMS Lusitania was begun in September 1904. She was launched on June 7th, 1906 just fourteen months, three weeks, from the laying of her keel. During the whole period of construction her progress was eagerly watched by all interested in shipping, the vessel having aroused - by reason of her size, her magnificent accommodation, her speed, and turbine engine - worldwide attention. On September 7th, 1907, the Lusitania sailed from Liverpool to New York …

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…that a second, and perhaps a third, torpedo was fired, and the great ship sank within a mere 20 minutes. It is impossible to satisfactorily draw a pen picture of the heart-rending scenes which followed. Men, women and children, caught like rats in a trap, were vainly fighting for their lives amongst wreckage of every description. The doomed linerís S.O.S. was answered within a few hours of the call, and 764 lives were saved.