Lunch with three celebritys of your chosing

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LUNCH "Do you have a booster seat?" "A glass of warm milk please my child." "Do you happen to have a Russian game hen on hand?" "Umm...can I just have a hamburger please?" Wow all these people are so different. I can't believe I am sitting here with Napoleon, Mother Theresa, and Ralph Lauren. A dictator, saint, fashion mogul, and high school junior suprisingly we are all having really great conversations. Oh gosh, Napoleon …

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…my son." "Check please garzon." Lunch was great I learned so much about all my guest. Oh no Napoleon is whining about getting ice cream. Mother Theresa has to go prey for the sins of the eternally damned or something. Ralph Lauren keeps taking everyone's measurements. This lunch party was great I can't wait until my next one. I already no who ill invite. I think it will be Stalin, Princess Diana , and Donotella Versace.