Lucille Ball

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Lucille Desiree Ball. The first thought that comes into many people’s minds when this name is said would be “ Lucy” the well known funny character she played on her popular TV series “I Love Lucy” ( 1951-57).How did she become a legend? With dreams of being on stage in musicals to being the “star” in the big screen. Just like “Lucy”, Lucille yearned to be a famous performer. Looking back now, anyone could say …

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…seen her in “I Love Lucy” or in the dozens and dozens of other successful programs and movies she did in her life. Because of the long reach of TV no other person in my opinion has ever brought more laughter to the world. Her humor is universal and timeless. Her work will seem even funnier as time goes on. She left us a legend, proving that even your wildest dreams can come a reality.