Love and Lust in Shakespeare’ sonnets

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Love and Lust in Shakespeare’ sonnets Shakespeare’ sonnets are on a variety of themes such as time, love, gender, politics, sexuality, law, methaphysics and many others. They express strong feelings and strong arguments. However shakespeare struggle with love and lust is evident in his sonnets. Troughout the reading of Shakespeare’ sonnets I can persieve that he is a profound admirer of beuty; and he persieves beuty of different ways. There are some kinds of beuty …

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…is playing: “ Do I envy those jacks that nimble leap to kiss the ttender inward of thy hand...making dead wood more blessed than living lips” (page 819). Shakespeare’s struggle with love and lust makes their sonnets full of doubts, pain and tragedy that usually bring with it a very sad ending. “ My love is as a fever, longing still for that wich longer nurseth the disease... uncertain sickly appetite..Desire is death”. (Sonnet 147, page 822).