Love Marriage in Tang China

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The story of Ts'ui Ying-ying takes place during the T'ang dynasty, which is one of the most well known dynasties. This story is one that is good example to see what it was like to live during that time, especially in the context of romantic love and marriage. The story of Ying-ying seems to be filled with double standards and examples of how people react and deal with love outside of the framework of marriage …

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…that he is obligated to break off the relationship based on some cultural norms. It ends with Chang suggesting that Ying-Ying get over their affair and concentrate on her current husband. The ending just reiterates how normal the affair was and how normal it is that Ying-Ying should be devoted to her current husband. The idea that Ying-Ying was in love with Chang and vice versa simply does not have a place in that society.