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Chapter 1 The Sound of the Shell The opening chapter begins with two boys, Piggy and Ralph, making their way through the jungle. We learn, through their dialogue, that they had been travelling in an airplane with a group of British school children. The plane had presumably been shot down and crashed on a an island in the Pacific. It is hinted that the rest of the world is at war, and that most of it …

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…Symbol The Lord of the Flies represents the Beast's danger and power. According to E. L. Epstein, "...‘lord of the flies' is a translation of the Hebrew Ba'alzevuv (Beelzebub in Greek). It has been suggested that is was a mistranslation of a mistransliterated word...for the Devil..." In the story the panic and decay that takes place is symbolized by this pig's head. In its ‘talk' with Simon it explains what the Beast really is.