Lord of the Flies and Heart of Darkness

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A Comparison and Contrast of Lord of the Flies and Heart of Darkness Achebe uses positive tone in his description of the African jungle; whereas, Conrad makes use of negative connotations. Their portrayals of the jungle reflect their attitudes toward their subject; Achebe sees it as a hospitable home whereas Conrad sees a tragic trap. Conrad utilizes words with negative connotations, such as Arioted, Amob, Avengeful, and Agloom to portray the jungle as an inauspicious …

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…of celebration, whereas Conrad's hovering trees call up images of a guillotine. Conrad's view of the jungle is fatalistic; it reflects his view of the African jungle and with it, African human nature that he sees as an uncivilized place to be subdued and conquered. Achebe feels that the jungle is a peaceful place filled with familiar sights and sounds. In light of the question, the authors' tones shed different lights on the same jungle.