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REINCARNATION, RESURRECTION AND CHRIST IMAGERY Golding creates the effect of reincarnation, resurrection and Christ imagery in this passage by the death of a character, Simon, and the resulting response of nature to this death. In this passage there are a lot of symbols of reincarnation, resurrection and Christ imagery. The word imagery in this passage and in the entire novel, Lord Of The Flies, presents the character, Simon, as a Christ figure that is going …

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…in the passage carried by Golding’s imagery. Many events in the passage represent literary figures and themes such as reincarnation and resurrection. The passage creates an environment and mythical feelings. The fiery eyes creates a reality filled with the steam, fog, the crashing waves and the air bubbles which allow for allusions for reincarnation, resurrection and prophetic images, and also produce upon the reader a clear feeling of a dream, which seems like reality.