Lord of the Flies- -the deterioration of law and order

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Rousseau believed that civilization corrupts the essential innocence and goodness of man. The “noble savage” in his own natural habitat will rid himself of societies evils. But that is not what happens in Lord of the Flies. In Fact, Without society keeping him in line, man will revert back to his most primal state, and blur the line between animals and humans… From the calling of the first meeting and all along up to the …

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…society, man would return to his most primal state. However, There is more than one way to interpret this book. I personally think that Society simultaneously creates and suppresses the feelings and urges we like to associate with animals. Then, when put in an environment where society no longer exists, man would release what society had created and become, in many ways, worse than animals. That just demonstrates the short way from civilization to savagery.