Lord Of The Flies Comparison to real life

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Lord Of The Flies: A Shocking Tale Of The Darkness Of Man's Heart At first, William Golding's novel, The Lord Of The Flies, seems little more than a tale of a group of boys, the sole survivors of a plane crash, and their adventures on a deserted island. However, as the story unfolds, it becomes more than a mere tale of survival. The island is no longer simply a place for an adventure but a …

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…the development of characters and setting. The island and it's inhabitants are used as representatives of our world and society. William Golding is reminding and warning us of the certain capacity for evil that lies in all of man, and that man's morality is merely superficial. Nevertheless, it is this moral integrity, along with government, rules, and order that must prevail in order for us to be ethical and thus for society to be maintained.