Lord Of The Flies - Civilized vs. Savage

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The novel "Lord Of The Flies" bases itself on civilized and savage behaviour. Civilized behaviour means to be aware of your surroundings and to care for them and to sacrifice certain pleasures to attain them, and to help others. When hearing the word 'savage' one thinks of cavemen squatting and gnawing at raw meat right off of the bone. In a way that stereotype was satisfied in this novel. Savage behaviour might be best described …

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…the opposite of what it once was. The boys order steadily declined as savagery took over and with that came chaos. The island itself becomes a prison after once being a paradisic environment. Ralph loses control of his power and Jack introduces mustric violence and dictatorship. Roger, is after instant gratification and to attain it uses extreme savagery. He begins with throwing small pebbles at 'unimportant' figures but ends up killing Piggy with a boulder.