Looking to the Future 1984

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Looking to the Future 1984 "WAR IS PEACE FFREEDOM IS SLAVERY IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH"(Orwell 3). It is the year 1984 in London, Oceania. Winston Smith is one of many people in Orwellís prediction of the world in the future but is todayís past. The world appears as a dark and fearful place where the only rhyme or reason is created by Big Brother, ruler of the state and the head member of the Party. All …

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…and why he wrote it, I felt like the book showed important ideas. Overall, my opinion of the book is neutral. I could have done without reading it, but I also gained a little knowledge. It didnít consist of the amount of action and edge of my seat suspense that I enjoy. I found it hard to sit down and read 1984, which was more of a personís vision, rather than a developed story.