"Lives of a Bangel Lancer" and "Stanley and Livingstone".

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Comparing and Contrasting The Lives of a Bengal Lancer and Stanley and Livingstone In the British Empire films, The Lives of a Bengal Lancer and Stanley and Livingstone, the focus of the films is what makes a person a hero. What characteristics should the person have, what does the person have to endure, and how do they become heroes? These are questions that both films ask and answer, throughout the course of the motion picture. …

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…of a Bengal Lancer put the cause of England first and are good examples to all of what true, brave, courageous, caring, and heroic people the British are. In both of these films the idea of what constitutes a hero are addressed and answered. According to these films, heroes are men who a selfless, courageous, brave, caring, strong, smart, and most importantly, risk their lives for the good of their friends, fellow soldiers, and England.