Literature's Role in Shaping the Americas

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Early American Literature Essay #1 October 10, 2000 America: The Most Unpredictable Ending Ever! Language has proved itself to be the single most powerful force in history. Hurricanes, gale force winds, dictators, floods, fires, nor nuclear weapons carry a fraction of the energy--energy that can destroy, construct, and manipulate-- that words can carry. Words are a modern world’s connection to the past; through documents, books, and letters, society in modernity analyzes, interprets, and reconstructs events of the …

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…England used their power of language to form a document that would have more ramifications than they could have possibly foreseen. And it was these ramifications that transformed a like-minded cult of isolationists into a freethinking society of individuals. It’s funny how things work out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** Works Cited Bradford, William. Of Plymouth Plantation., 2000 Cabeza de Vaca, Alvar Nuñez. Relacion. University of California Press. Los Angeles, 1993.