Literary Theory and African Americans

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“Race is defined as one group of the populations constituting humanity.” (Coon 62) Since the 1970’s, the conclusion has been stated that race is a social, cultural and political concept based largely on superficial appearances. The notion of ‘race’ is so emotionally charged that objective discussion of its significance in relation to social problems is extremely difficult. There are three theories that have been very significant in re-defining the term “race” throughout their composition. This essay …

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…theories comtributed to the evolution of the definition of “race”. These theories surpassed ethnic and cultural boarders and brought about a whole new way of approaching music, art, literature and society. Peaceful co-existence and co-operation, must start from what is the root of all cultures and what lies infinitely deeper in human hearts and minds than political opinion, convictions, apathies or sympathies – it must be rooted in self-transcendence and by harmony within and with others.