Literary Critique of I am the Cheese by Robert Cormier (A+)

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I am the Cheese By Robert Cormier I am the Cheese is a compelling and unconventional novel. The novel's major strengths include the uses of a powerful theme, an intriguing title, and sophisticated writing techniques. It has three levels of narration that are interdependent, and yet keep the reader in a permanent state of confusion. Robert Cormier manages to create a puzzling, disturbing atmosphere for the most part of the novel, which fits in well …

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…the morbid realities of life. It provides the reader with ideas to contemplate about our society, the facts which are kept from us, and the individual struggle against the Establishment. The elements which make up this impressive story include a prominent theme and title, the use of captivating techniques, and a complex mood. Robert Cormier has accomplished a stunning, memorable novel, and subsequent reading will fascinate the reader with new insight hidden between the lines.