Literal and Metaphorical Meaning in Adrienne Rich's "Storm Warnings"

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Adrienne Rich, a renowned confessional poet, uses unique structural style in order to reveal literal and metaphorical meanings in her poem, “Storm Warnings”. The cleverly designed structure allows her to progress in an organized manner to explain both an external and internal conflict held by the speaker. The structure of the poem parallels the external storm happening outside. Once the speaker is aware of the approaching storm, she takes cover to protect herself, and allows …

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…warnings, the speaker was able to ready herself as much as possible in order to try and find a solution to the inner conflict, and she was able to connect with her psyche as soon as it passed. Rather than trying to predict, alter, or stop the storm, both the speaker and reader realize that it is best to let the storm take its course of action in order to prevent further conflict. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**