Lipids, Carbs and Protiens. letter form, great info, needs grammatical corrections!

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Dear Mom, So it's Thanksgiving and let us say for arguments sake that while we are all gathered around the table that for one reason or another the conversation comes to an abrupt end... Now if you are ailing at the thought, don't for I will be able to save the day! I have just recently learned all about what macromolecules are in foods how they are synthesized and how they are broken down and …

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…are absorbed in the small intestine. The remaining material then moves into the large intestine. I know all of this seems overwhelming, you thought we ate food it was simply broken down and spit out the other end but as you can see it just isn't the case. So as you eat this meal keep all of this in mind, somehow every bite seems infinitely more complicated. Have a happy holiday and eat up! Sincerely,